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Leftshift One’s mission is to make artificial intelligence accessible not only to enterprises. That’s why we developed resource-saving AI applications & our AI-as-a-Service concept so that you too can benefit from AI in no time.

On a mission since 2017

95% of all companies could profit from AI. Only 7% know how.

Technology for tomorrow available today

With AIOS, the first trusted AI platform from Europe, we have created the ideal basis for powerful yet resource-efficient AI applications. AIOS not only guarantees continuous machine learning, but also exposes new potentials with a flexible combinability and extensibility of models.

Our lean AI solutions are preconfigured and ready to use without neglecting your individual needs. 

Your guide with expert knowledge

For us, AI-as-a-Service means that we accompany you throughout your whole journey. Based on our many years of experience, we are able to bring proven AI solutions into production for you in a targeted manner and without delay.

AI can solve your challenges faster today and make your company fit for the future at the same time.

Taking responsiblity

These 5 values form the ethical basis of our AI

Reliability & Quality

#quality #reliable #rapid

The decision for an AI is a long-term one and therefore we have to pay attention to quality in the development process and in the software development from the very beginning.


#honesty #common_sense

Do we need AI to solve every problem in the future? Probably not. This is why we need to use AI where it will profitably benefit companies and can actually take over repetitive tasks.

Symbiosis & Transparency

#symbiotic_ai #collaboration

The most important thing for us is the positive interaction of humans and machines and to understand the decisions in order of the AI to derive appropriate actions.

Ecology & Economy

#efficiency #ressources

If you only have a hammer as a tool, you see a nail in every problem! We must use AI where it makes sense, is energy-efficient and cost-effective in order to solve the problem sustainably.

Visionary Mindset

#future #XAI #compsite_ai

The independence of the AI platform AIOS opens up huge possibilites in the further development process! Thanks to AIOS we bring the future's technologies into production today.

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Leftshift One Management Board

Teamwork across the board

The brains behind the high-tech company Leftshift One from the Mur Valley in Styria, Austria.

CEO -Leftshift One - Patrick Ratheiser

Patrick Ratheiser

CEO & Founder

Business economist & information scientist - experience in the field of solutions architecture & agile software development in the area of international enterprise software solutions.

Christian Weber

CTO, AI Expert & Founder

Computer scientist and long-term experience in software & solutions architecture in the field of enterprise software solutions for major international projects in the banking sector.

Michael Mair

VP Product & Co-Founder

Software science and Software architect in the area of DevOps and infrastructure management in an international context in the area of enterprise software solutions.

Benjamin Krenn

VP Software & Co-Founder

Software science and software archtitect in the field of agile software development in the area of enterprise software solutions in the banking sector.

Leftshift One Timeline

Let's talk from Imagineer to Imagineer

Hermann Hauser, Founder Acorn

"I was so fascinated that the computer could be made accessible to regular people“
Renowned British-Austrian venture capitalist Hermann Hauser is one of the main investors in Leftshift One. He once also co-founded the high-tech company ARM, which is now valued at over $30 billion.

Franz Fuchsberger, Founder Tricentis

"If you have your product honed and a go-to-market model, you should go out and sell it"
As co-founder of the software testing company Tricentis (the first Unicorn from Austria), whose enterprise value now exceeds one billion dollars, Franz Fuchsberger is available as an experienced coach.

Herbert Gartner, Gründer Sensor Dynamics

"If you can't divide, you can't multiply either"
Serial entrepreneur, investor of Angel and co-founder of eQventure Herbert Gartner supports Leftshift One with Smart Capital. His focus is on companies from the fields of Artificial Intelligence and SaaS.

Activity Map of Leftshift One

Leftshift One is connected throughout Europe

Activity Map von Leftshift One


Office Leftshift One

Our location at a glance

Leftshift One is based in Graz, Austria.


Unicorn Startup & Innovation Hub
Schubertstraße 6a, 8010 Graz
Geschäftszeiten: Mo-Fr von 09:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

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