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Unlock the AI Potential of Your Company

MyGPT: Your Company-Specific
independent & customizable

Take the First Step into a World Full of Opportunities.

MyGPT: Your company-internal GPT

MyGPT: Your customised GPT for companies

Independent, customisable - retain control in corporate communications

  • Flexibility & Independence:
    Integrate different cloud providers and LLMs quickly & easily  into your system landscape according to your needs.
  • Data security & control
    Use ChatGPT in your company in a controlled and secure manner and with full data sovereignty.
  • Efficient Data Management Connect and utilize company data from diverse sources quickly and effectively.

  • Future-Proof & Expandable: Benefit from advanced AI plugins and continuous updates.

Benefits of MyGPT: Independent. Flexible. Tailored for Your Business.

Artificial Intelligence that speaks your company's unique language.

MyGPT in corporate use: control & efficiency
Take advantage of an internal ChatGPT that adapts to specific company needs:

  • User management & communication channels: Enables access to diverse channels with customised information and AI tools for each team.
  • Flexibility & Control: A platform-independent solution that integrates with various cloud services and language models, with full data sovereignty.
  • Text & Data Analytics: Gain valuable insights from corporate data and communications.
  • Modular Plugins: Extend MyGPT with customised plugins for flexible use across all business areas.
MyGPT - The clear choice for progressive organisations

Use MyGPT and experience how these benefits can transform your business.

Unlimited possibilities

+ 0 %
Productivity Enhancement

through the use of generative AI in companies in the field of data analysis, automation & AI support in production and business processes.

Data Extraction at the Speed of Light

+ %
Efficiency Enhancement

This enables faster and more precise information retrieval from documents, databases and different sources in the company.

Maintain Full Control

+ 0 %
Data Security

on internal & external corporate communication through user management, communication channels and analysis of data and texts.

Seamless expansion through customised AI plugins

One interface, endless possibilities - MyGPT adapts to your company.

MyGPT promotes customisability with an extensible core system and specific AI plugins for efficient AI applications – all accessible via a user-friendly interface

Discover MyGPT : Turn your data into valuable knowledge in just a few simple steps.

MyGPT makes the use of generative AI child's play!

In the kick-off call, we determine your needs, analyse your data securely and prepare everything for an immediate start with MyGPT.

Quick & easy to Generative AI

3 steps to MyGPT

  • 1st kick-off call:
    Discussion of your requirements and goals. Personalised and simple introduction.
  • 2nd – Data analysis:
    Development of customised solutions through expert analysis of your data.
  • 3rd – Setup:
    Stress-free set-up and support at every step for optimum start preparation.

Let's go

Immerse yourself in the world of generative AI.

With MyGPT, managing, analysing and using company data has never been easier.

Experience an intuitive user interface, powerful analytics tools and customised solutions & AI plugins that drive your business forward.

MYGPT: Internal company GPT

Independent, flexible and made for your company.

With MyGPT, you always retain data sovereignty and enjoy the freedom to customise AI models as you wish.

Unleash the power of MyGPT

Straight to the answer. MyGPT makes communication intuitive and targeted.

Our Conversational UI/AI in combination with semantic search guarantees direct access to your data, supported by flexible AI plugins and connectors. MyGPT is your all-in-one software solution that revolutionises organisations with generative AI.

Ready for the next level of knowledge management?

Experience MyGPT in Action!

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