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ChatGPT creates AI hype

Since the foundation of Leftshift One, the analysis of texts with Natural Language Processing has been one of the core areas. For years now, the company has been using Transformer models to analyze texts in companies and generate them in knowledge bases, documents, communication channels and the like. Now something big has happened in this regard: ChatGPT, a huge LLM model, has been made available to the public and is delivering better and better results thanks to its immensely large trained data set and enormous computing power. In just two months, more than 100 million users have signed up for the service. This is a real boost for AI in the public perception.

What is GPT?

GPT stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer” and is the AI model behind ChatGPT. On a given context, GPT can create new and coherent texts. To learn language structures and patterns, it has been pre-trained on large amounts of text. The Transformer architecture ensures that information is processed efficiently in sequences. The approach here is autoregressive: texts are generated word by word, with each next word predicted based on the previous words.

Case Study Prediction Quality mit HCI

Companies have concerns about the possible use

Although ChatGPT offers many advantages, companies have concerns about its widespread use in an enterprise context. The criticism concerns the lack of control, lack of traceability, and insufficient data protection. Recent press reports confirm this impression: In Italy, OpenAI’s service is not available until further notice for data protection reasons.

Leftshift One answers with a reliable alternative

The developers of Leftshift One, led by the Head of AI, are launching a reliable alternative to ChatGPT that is privacy-friendly, traceable, and efficient. The AI service aims to harness the opportunities of ChatGPT’s generative AI for businesses. With a much leaner technological base, the model will not match ChatGPT in generic functions such as density, but the company will have full control over its own data at all times.

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It is trained with your data and thus every source is transparent and traceable.  

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Efficiency increase

 Faster answers to your questions through efficient AI optimized search processes.

ChatGPT? Gladly, but with privacy and traceability

Leftshift One’s AI team builds on open source models to develop smaller GPT models. Instruction-based learning is used to adapt the models for enterprise-specific applications. The solution therefore allows hosting in a private data center without sharing internal knowledge. In addition, smaller models increase efficiency and traceability is ensured through upstream filtering functions and source citations.

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More on the topic

The technology behind ChatGPT is Leftshift Ones home base

Secure and effective: How to leverage the benefits of ChatGPT

After the introduction of ChatGPT in November 2022, a real hype has arisen around AI. Transformer models are used to analyze texts, on the basis of which answers are generated in natural language. However, alongside the euphoria, companies have major concerns about privacy and traceability. Since Leftshift One was founded, the analysis of texts with Natural Language Processing has been one of its core areas of expertise. For years, the company has relied on AI technology to analyze texts in companies and generate knowledge bases, documents and communication channels. How can this knowledge now be used to provide companies with the enormous benefits of ChatGPT?

The goal is to provide a reliable alternative to ChatGPT

The development of a reliable alternative to ChatGPT is a big step. If, in addition, it is possible to address the disadvantages of ChatGPT, such as privacy concerns and lack of traceability, there is nothing standing in the way of the use of generative AI in companies. The idea is to combine the chatbot’s database with a semantic search so that the exact source of the generated answers can always be traced.

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The challenge: "David against Goliath

It is by no means a small goal that Leftshift One has set for itself. ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has been trained on an incredibly large amount of text. This includes web pages, books, articles and other text sources. The model has 175 billion parameters and requires an enormous amount of computing power to produce the desired results. Yet it is versatile; it can write poetry as well as create cooking recipes. Leftshift One has been working with AI models since 2017 and has competent and experienced developers in the AI team around the Head of AI who are taking on the big task.


Open source models provide an ideal foundation

Fortunately, open source models exist on which the developers of Leftshift One can build. These are efforts by different research teams that have a required computational power to retrain the large models. Promising approaches include LLaMA or GPT-J, which can be used without needing the intensive computational capacity to do the training themselves.

Leftshift One responds to the need for customized solutions

The demand for a ChatGPT alternative for enterprises is high. Especially for domain-specific applications, there is a need to enable human-like interaction with a chatbot. Leftshift One has developed its own AI service based on enterprise data that can be used in specific use cases. To do this, Leftshift One uses open source models with subsequent “fine-tuning.” Instruction-based learning is used to feed question-answer pairs to the model so that the chatbot responds to text input with natural language.

Efficiency through downsized models

A major challenge in developing a ChatGPT alternative is performance when the models are scaled down. Instead of ChatGPT’s 175 billion parameters, Leftshift One relies on small GPT or Transformer models with seven to 20 billion parameters. These are not as powerful as ChatGPT in general capabilities such as writing prose, but can at least keep up in enterprise-specific use cases.

Advantages Leftshift One GPT

Focus on data protection and reliability

Privacy-friendly and efficient

Leftshift One sees the complexity of the project primarily in making the model data protection-friendly and efficient. ChatGPT is mainly hosted in the USA and is therefore out of the question for many companies. In addition, some facts are “hallucinated” by large language models like ChatGPT. Here, there is a lack of reliable source information, which is especially necessary for business-critical processes.

Leftshift One's solution addresses the disadvantages of ChatGPT

Since the Leftshift One model is significantly smaller than ChatGPT, it can also be hosted in the customer’s private data center without having to share internal knowledge. The smaller model also results in a increase in efficiency in terms of the computing capacity required. To ensure traceability, the model is equipped with filter functions so that only a specific area of knowledge can be queried in the company. This also generates source information that makes the model reliable for internal company use.

Use cases

Successful use cases can be found in all industries

Alternative to ChatGPT for enterprises

The call for an alternative to ChatGPT for enterprises could not be ignored. Leftshift One has managed to bring the immense benefits of generative AI to enterprises. Possible areas of application can be found in, among others:

  • Company in the steel processing industry, where the model can be trained on the data set of numerous user manuals, operating instructions and FAQs.
  • Cross-industry use cases, such as the classification of e-mails, files and documents or the automated response to customer inquiries, can be realized with the ChatGPT alternative.
A perfect fit for your company

After successful development, the company-specific adaptation takes place

The development of an alternative to ChatGPT was fraught with obstacles, but the resulting added value for customers is now paying off. Now it is time to adapt the model to the respective use cases with re-training in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit.

The foundation is laid with the internal database

Leftshift One’s immense know-how in the field of Natural Language Processing makes it the ideal partner for the deployment of smaller GPT models. If you have a sufficient knowledge base in the form of documents, files and texts, nothing stands in the way of a successful implementation of a first use case.

Small models, big effect

The advantages of ChatGPT with a human-like interaction combined with privacy, traceability and efficiency

Leftshift One has recognized the desire of enterprises for an alternative to ChatGPT and is now committed to providing you with the model and associated capabilities for your enterprise applications. Leftshift One is thus challenging the big players of GAFA’s and showing that even small models can make a big impact.

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