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Use tomorrow's technology efficiently today

The key advantage of artificial intelligence is that it continuously learns. Our lightweight & resource-saving AI solutions boost your company’s performance and bring you the crucial competitive advantage in the form of AI-as-a-Service.

How does AI suit my company best?

Maximum performance at minimum cost & immediate availability.

AI solutions with 0% fat!

An effective application based on artificial intelligence must be highly efficient & resource-saving. With our lean AI solutions we can guarantee a real operational added value (ROI) - pronto . Keyword: Green AI.

Versatile problem solving

How do we create the best conditions for our customers to always achieve the best result every day with the most powerful version of our AI solutions? By combining different cognitive capabilities (AI features).
Keyword: Composite AI

24/7 operation without headaches

Machine Learning models based on AI learn continuously & improve with a cycle. Our AIOS operating system manages the dynamic learning process of your AI solutions and guarantees smooth operation through 360° service - day & night.
Keyword: AI-as-a-Service

AI must deliver business value, nothing else

The recipe for success of Leftshift One

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AI Solutions

lean & leightweighted
in form of

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pre-trained & immediately available for you.
Out-of-the-Box Integration

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through transparent insights while in full control.
XAI & Trustworthy AI

AI platform

for flexible expansion & carefree everyday operation.
Continous Learning 

The heart sets the pace

Our AI platform AIOS effortlessly directs all components of your AI application.

The “AI Operating System” AIOS houses all the lightweight & resource-efficient AI solutions, which enables you to meet future challenges. Through the powerful AI Operating System, we guarantee the operation, deployment and evolution through continuous learning of over 100 AI models. AIOS enables the linking of different AI models in one system, making them perform even better. This way, we guarantee that our customers conquer their individual challenges with the best version of AI.

All in one system: 

  • 24/7 operation & monitoring of artifical intelligence 
  • Explainable & continuous learning ML models – ready for immediate use!
  • Flexible combination of ML models
AI-AS-A-SERVICE for a carefree operation everyday

At your side from the start!

For companies that want to gain a long-term foothold in the AI world, we record a 100% success rate. With our AI-as-a-Service concept, individual services are a central component of each of our AI applications.

We accompany you from entry to breakthrough:

  • AI starter kit
  • Use case definition
  • Setup &  configuration
  • Agile software development & machine learning
  • AI support 24/7
future-proof ai solutions to stay up to date

Whether preconfigured or custome made. We got you covered.

Our flexible AI Solutions are always available for use in the most diverse application areas of various industries – including adaptation to your individual needs!

Find your suitable solution – start now!

Predictive Maintenance

Your production has never run so smoothly: Plan necessary maintenance work precisely to the point.

Predictive Quality

Take your quality assurance to the next level but one: eliminate disruptions and delays up front.

Cognitive Document Automation

Intelligent document storage that is absolutely reliable and shows you the information you need at any time.

Conversational UI / AI

State-of-the-art customer service with an interface that understands your customers and can provide the most natural answers.

Next Best Offer

Creating offers with a high success rate and winning the customer's heart for the long term can be done in no time at all.

Churn Prediction

Knowing which customer is going to flirt with other options in the near future can do a lot for your best CRM.

Semantic Search

From now on, the speed and comfort by which you can retrieve details from large amounts of information will hardly be surpassed.

Ticket Automation

Manage all incoming tickets and emails in an automated and intelligent way to spare your mind and your budget.

Email Automation

Read only what is truly important, and beyond that, hand over the tedious work to the unshakable AI.

95% of all companies can use AI profitably.
Only 7% know how!

Leftshift One has been in the field of artificial intelligence for over 5 years and has helped over 100 customers succeed. Due to our base technology, we have a 100% success rate while experiencing 0% churn.

Integrate AI faster

Only 30 days to receive your ready-to-run AI solution.

As soon as our AI solutions are integrated into your system infrastructure and actually run in live operation, genuine business value is created. Our goal is top-quality implementation in no time, so that you can use AI productively with no delays.

  • adaptive, pre-trained ML models
  • preconfigured AI solutions
  • AI platform AIOS as the base of all AI solutions
  • a never-reached price-performance-ratio

Symbiotic cooperation creates leeway

From vision to live operation

Our technology and approach to AI enable any company to deploy artificial intelligence quickly & effortlessly. The prerequisite for this is transparent & resource-saving AI. Because the best solutions only emerge when we complement our strengths with AI.

Work more efficiently with Leftshift One

Lightweight AI applications are faster & simply cheaper to run. Increasing amounts of data also require more computing capacity, so we work smarter - with lean solutions!

Efficient solutions for a better future!

Cooperation instead of competition

An artificial intelligence is like a 4-year-old child that learns in every situation. Constructive feedback is crucial in this process. Your expertise and experience is the central building block that our solutions build on.

Our focus is the cooperation between men & machines.

You remain in control at all time


In order to evaluate good decisions, we must be able to understand them. Artificial intelligence must therefore be explainable, transparent and controllable. Only then can it be considered trustworthy.

It's not about what AI can do, it's about what we need.

Mensch und künstliche Intelligenz im Einklang
Start the future now

a free

You too can benefit from the advantages of AI-supported solutions. Request a non-binding personal consultation with our AI experts now.

Artificial intelligence starter kit

Your companion with expert knowledge: We facilitate your entry into the AI world!

The three-step AI starter kit from Leftshift One enables your company to easily find its own AI solution. The 360° Company AI Check assesses your company’s AI potential and thus offers the perfect start. If you are already clear about this, a thorough data analysis (Private Data Audit) sets the course for the final step: Together with your team, our AIOS Task Force will develop a custom AI application in a 48h-Datathon. 

Decide how you want to get started. But: Start your AI future now!

360° Company AI Check

We put your company through its paces to determine the AI potential at all levels. Together, we identify the appropriate AI use cases and application areas with guaranteed ROI.

Are you ready for the next level? Let's find out!

Use Case Workshop


In an intensive exchange, you define goals together with our AI experts and sharpen the appropriate AI application. In this way, we transform ideas into projects that are actually put to use.

Your Use Case ready in 180 minutes! Challenge Us!

Data Audit


Once the use case is identified, the next step is to analyze your data. Together, we will find out whether the data quantity, quality and corresponding features are available to start with ML (machine learning).

Data is your key to success!
Have your data checked now.

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So, what AI dream do you have in mind? Let's talk about it.

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