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Understand your customers like no one else

This AI solution from Leftshift One comes with a closing guarantee: Meet the individual wishes of your customers exclusively with only the most relevant offers and clinch the deal. With this solution up the sleeve, you’re investing in long-term customer loyalty that keeps paying off.

Intelligent Forecast Analysis

Target specific needs instead of placing random ads.

With the AI solution Next Best Offer from Leftshift One, you can compute the individual wishes of individual customers in the blink of an eye. In the background, Predictive Analysis and Machine Learning provide the perfect starting point for the analysis of historical company data as per interest and patterns.

Furthermore, AI not only helps your sales and marketing people to better understand your customers but also actively works for your employees as it tailors customer-specific offer proposals from real-time data and, if desired, turns them directly into automated processes.

Next Best Offer in figures
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Increase of customer loyalty
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Increase in repurchase rate
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Increase of the
cross & up-selling rate
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Time and effort through marketing automation
Next Level Marketing with Next Best Offer

Focus on relevance rather than overwhelm

AI, a true team player

You can satisfy your own aspirations with the help of the infinite capacity of artificial intelligence: Consider every customer individually! In addition, AI supports your employees with automated offers & relieves them of repetitive processes.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Reduced processing time for each customer
  • Quicker purchase decision
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Increase in first-time & repeat purchase rate
  • Increase in customer loyalty
  • Revolutionized workflow and employee performance
  • More satisfied employees

Existing customers don't just appear from nowhere

Synchronize supply and demand
perfectly now with these 7 AI features

Target-oriented and personalized marketing

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Who doesn't have a stressful everyday life, a lot of responsibility and a full email inbox? Here, an extra spam ad would not only be inappropriate, but also unsuccessful. Personal advertising is more rewarding, as it meets an actual purpose and leaves users more satisfied in the long term.

Understanding customer behavior & needs

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In addition to predictions about any particular customer, the Next Best Offer model also generates information about how the AI came to these predictions. Local and global insights allow you to understand and make sense of your customers' behavior in your business.

Increase the repurchase rate

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For any company, customers who buy frequently are generally desirable and are a good pointer - internally and externally - to the quality of its offerings. The right offer at the right time can increase the repurchase rate many times over and directly convert regular visitors to existing customers.

Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation provides analytical investigations on customer request in a spontaneous & fully automated way. However, here, it exceeds human performance by creating an customized offer for any and all customers at the right point in time. AI provides assistance exactly spot on where it is needed and leaves the complex creative work to the experts.

Increase your cross- and up-selling

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Next Best Offer models show which products are highly interesting and can filter them from a large product inventory. These models can also be used to display suitable products at the right time based on the buyer and give a well-structured product selection. This way, the desired offer catches the customer's eye perfectly.

Customized forecasts

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AI can recognize certain patterns in the abundance of processed data and form so-called clusters. Visualized clusters provide the team with a vanatage point for their actions and measures, as well as for the continuous optimization of existing processes and ultimately the improvement of the product based on customer interests.

Multichannel utilization

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You would like to start using Next Best Offer models immediately, but do not wish to sell them solely online? Next Best Offer can be adjusted to your individual organizational structure. We shall customize our AI solution to fit your business requirements, whether you want full automation or just support in the sales process.

Spoiled for choice? No problem!

AI helps customers make the right choice, no matter how diverse they or the product portfolio may be.

Next Best Offer is a valuable tool to support marketing and sales. The complete historical data of known customers serve as the perfect basis for a comprehensive model to project offers.

Depending on the requirements, external sources such as official market data, microgeographic household data, purchasing power classes, and market research results can be included as reference data in the forecast model as well. Our AI experts accompany this process by making qualitative selections to determine the exact structure of the model features.

Each final, fully automated model will directly boost your sales and marketing pipelines or can further be used to support your staff as a reference guide for their conduct of business, e.g for research.

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Our AI application adapts to your needs and integrates easily with your software infrastructure.

Business value is created only with the right software integration into your infrastructure. The AI-as-a-service concept makes the integration of artificial intelligence simply easy, which is done via defined and standardized APIs.

Our AI solution runs on AIOS, our AI platform. No matter which services you want to use and interconnect with other applications within your infrastructure, AIOS will make it possible.

Support from start to finish and beyond

We take care of a smooth integration into your infrastructure and are also available for you around the clock, thereafter.

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Artificial intelligence starter kit

Your companion with expert knowledge: We facilitate your entry into the AI world!

The three-step AI starter kit from Leftshift One enables your company to easily find its own AI solution. The 360° Company AI Check assesses your company’s AI potential and thus offers the perfect start. If you are already clear about this, a thorough data analysis (Private Data Audit) sets the course for the final step: Together with your team, our AIOS Task Force will develop a custom AI application in a 48h-Datathon. 

Decide how you want to get started. But: Start your AI future now!

360° Company AI Check

We put your company through its paces to determine the AI potential at all levels. Together, we identify the appropriate AI use cases and application areas with guaranteed ROI.

Are you ready for the next level? Let's find out!

Use Case Workshop


In an intensive exchange, you define goals together with our AI experts and sharpen the appropriate AI application. In this way, we transform ideas into projects that are actually put to use.

Your Use Case ready in 180 minutes! Challenge Us!

Data Audit


Once the use case is identified, the next step is to analyze your data. Together, we will find out whether the data quantity, quality and corresponding features are available to start with ML (machine learning).

Data is your key to success!
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