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With Cognitive Document Automation (CDA) you extract valuable information from documents, scans, website uploads, emails, and email attachments using artificial intelligence. This intelligent & fully automated data processing allows your business operations to unleash maximum capacity.

Exploit data resources

Business processes of unprecedented quality and even shorter lead times

With Cognitive Document Automation, you can ensure that no valuable information is lost, but rather contributes to downstream processes. Your business processes can finally unleash their maximum capacity with end-to-end automation.

With intelligent data utilization, you can extract information even from unstructured data, because our artificial intelligence will filter them from different formats and convert them into structured data. The system easily adds these to the further processing loop thereafter.

Cognitive Document Automation in figures

which our AI solution is fluent in.


to read a whole book or document.

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accuracy of the system proposals and predicitions.


to process the contents of an image file.

CDA helps Robotic Process automation reach new heights

Goodbye time-consuming manual & repetitive tasks!

Smart division of labor

In today's competitive marketplace, end-to-end automation is the key to success. Cognitive Document Automation does all this and more - for the benefit of the team.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduce manual efforts
  • Assign employee resources to more complex work
  • Quality enhancement
  • Increase processing and lead times
  • Increase productivity and the efficiency of processes

Cognitive Document Automation is Data Processing with Brains

Your department will benefit from the interplay of these 5 AI features.

Optical Character Recognition

#ocr #compound #information_retrieval

Using optical character recognition, the AI extracts and identifies information from digital data and makes it available for further processing.

Text Analysis

#nlu #nlp #text #language

The pre-trained machine learning models used for text understand natural language (NLU) and can also interpret the context. Once the AI has understood the request, it makes an informed decision and initiates the right action.

Classification & Routing

#classifier #multilabel #binary

Based on the text analysis, the artificial intelligence recognizes the content and classifies it by means of multi-classifiers to be able to assign the customer concern to the correct business process. Then, the system immediately forwards the e-mails to the correct department.

Custom Language Comprehension

#nlg #neuralnetwork #translation

Our artificial intelligence is capable of recognizing 52 languages and performs language translation in an automated way. The machine learning model can for example understand the English language of a document and translate it into other languages on demand.

Human/Computer Interaction

#human-in-the-loop #processoptimization

Collaboration instead of competition! Artificial intelligence improves collaboration between humans and machines - always following the motto: Leave repetitive, time-consuming work to AI so that you can concentrate on more important things.

Manual effort is old news

Automate routine tasks with both confidence and intelligence! 

Many assume that after digitally capturing data, to access the information again, you first have to laboriously search for the corresponding document by hand and read it on your own. State-of-the-art modern digitization is already capable of much more.

Through Cognitive Document Automation, the AI immediately stores information in such a way that it can be used for further processing as well as for future business cases.

With their natural intelligence, humans can help the machine here to adapt to changes in the documents to be captured and thus to keep learning. This symbiotic relationship increases quality and efficiency, saves costs, and ultimately increases customer satisfaction.

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Our AI application adapts to your needs and integrates easily with your software infrastructure.

Business value is created only with the right software integration into your infrastructure. The AI-as-a-service concept makes the integration of artificial intelligence simply easy, which is done via defined and standardized APIs.

Our AI solution runs on AIOS, our AI platform. No matter which services you want to use and interconnect with other applications within your infrastructure, AIOS will make it possible.

Support from start to finish and beyond

We take care of a smooth integration into your infrastructure and are also available for you around the clock, thereafter.

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The three-step AI starter kit from Leftshift One enables your company to easily find its own AI solution. The 360° Company AI Check assesses your company’s AI potential and thus offers the perfect start. If you are already clear about this, a thorough data analysis (Private Data Audit) sets the course for the final step: Together with your team, our AIOS Task Force will develop a custom AI application in a 48h-Datathon. 

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