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With the three-step starter kit for artificial intelligence, your company can easily make its way to its own AI solution. As your personal companion with expert knowledge, we will guide you in the right direction until you outpace your competitors on your own.

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All beginnings don’t have to be difficult. With our interactive 360° Company AI Check, we jointly determine the AI potential of your company and thus find the appropriate entry point. Once the right starting points have been identified, a thorough data analysis (data audit) lays the foundation for the subsequent implementation. In the final step, your team works with our AIOS task force of AI experts to create a finished machine learning application in a 48-hour datathon – tailored to your individual needs.

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Company AI Checks

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Data Audits

completed & customer data evaluated for AI use.

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performed & ready-to-use ML solutions created.

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Are you and your company ready for the next level?

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360° Company Check

With our digital 360° Company Check, we examine the AI readiness in all departments of your company based on 5 dimensions. The goal is to identify suitable starting points and thus feasible use cases in order to immediately set the right measures for your own AI strategy.

The 5 dimensions

  • Data
  • Ressources
  • Know-How
  • Culture
  • Strategic Alignment
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Data is the true key to AI success

In an exclusive data audit, we analyse all of your company’s data for further processing in machine learning. We check the quality and quantity of the data and convert it into a machine-readable format (preprocessing). If data is available in sufficient quantity and quality, the implementation of an own AI solution is already in the pipeline.

Data Audit at a glance: 

  • Data analysis
  • Checking quality and quantity of data
  • Preprocessing & adjusting into machine readable format
  • Definition and selection of ML algorithms 
  • Machine learning validation
feasibility analysis for artificial intelligence

A working Prototype in just two days - with the AIOS Task Force

Challenge accepted!

The goal is to create a finished prototype together with you in just two days, which will provide your company with visible business value as soon as it starts working for you.

The Datathon in a nutshell

In this short period of time we develop a use case, which we simulate with corresponding data, realize and finally check for success. 

The 5 phases of the datathon:

  • Kick-Off
  • Use Case Definition
  • Data Management
  • Machine Learning
  • Customer Success

Further insights for absolute transparency

The 5 Phases of the 48h-Datathon in more detail


#preparation #coordination

In the first step, we will cover the topic of "Agile Machine Learning" and define the process of the Datathon. Then we clarify responsibilities and working methods so that we can work together productively and time efficiently.

Use Case

#goals #scope #toDos

Together we discuss all aspects of the selected use case and define common goals. We define the scope of the use case and derive all necessary work packages and tasks within the datathon.

Data Management

#collect #select #prepare

All necessary data is collected, selected and prepared for the machine learning model. This is always done together with the customer, as he has the specific domain know-how. Thus, we all have a common picture of the database.

Machine Learning

#featureengineering #training #evaluation

Finally our AI experts start feature engineering and training of the machine learning model. This is an iterative process with the goal of verifying feasibility and evaluating KPIs in the limited time available.

Customer Success

#reporting #aiServices #aimodel

The final phase confirms the feasibility of the use case. The customer then has an end-to-end machine learning model that is implemented in the form of AI-as-a-Service and used independently of the integration via API. A final report provides insight into all findings.

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