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Discover your AI potential with us! Together, we swiftly bring the perfect AI solution to your business, enhancing your value. Your entry into the world of AI – personalized, efficient, and with long-term support.

AI Consulting & Development

Symbiotic Collaboration Accelerates AI Deployment in Production

Our AI solutions always encompass comprehensive custom services to ensure long-term success for our customers. Central to this is a collaborative approach, expressed not only between humans and machines but also from business to business.

Therefore, we prioritize your needs and help you achieve the AI applications that truly suit you. It starts with thorough potential and data analysis and the development of suitable machine learning models.

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AI Experience & Expertise

In Agile Machine Learning Development, AI Consultation, Project Implementation, Operations, as well as Maintenance and Support.

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Successful Implementations

Our experts have developed and implemented tailor-made AI solutions across various industries.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our clients value our expertise, dedicated support, and the quality of our solutions.

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Subject Matter Experts

A dedicated team of AI specialists, data scientists, and engineers ready to turn your vision into reality.

The first step to a successful AI deployment

We make your entry into the world of AI easier - your companion with expert knowledge!

Our experts provide tailored consultation that precisely aligns with your AI needs – from AI strategy to implementation. Together, we uncover your company’s AI potential and identify promising use cases. And with a thorough data analysis, we ensure your project is built on a solid foundation. Because data is your key to success!

Let’s embark on the journey to Machine Learning together!

AI Consultation


Tailored individual consultation that precisely aligns with your AI needs. Our AI experts guide you from crafting the in-house AI strategy to successful implementation.

Are you ready for the next level? Let's find out!

AI Potential Analysis

We thoroughly assess your company to uncover AI potential at all levels. Let's jointly identify the appropriate AI use cases and areas with a guaranteed return on investment (ROI).

In 180 minutes to your own AI use case -challenge us!

AI Data Analysis


Thorough data analysis to determine the feasibility of your AI use case. Let's determine together if the data volume, quality, and relevant features are available to kickstart machine learning.

Data is your key to success! Check your data now.

Start your AI/ML development now and look into the future!

Tailored models, perfected with your data.

Model Development

Development of customized AI models precisely tailored to your requirements.

Model Training

Training the models with your data to achieve optimal results.

Model Testing

Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your AI models.

Model Deployment

Integration of the model into your existing systems for seamless operation.

Model Operation

Continuous monitoring and maintenance to ensure that your model always performs optimally.

Model Explainability/Interpretability

We help you understand how your model makes decisions and ensure transparency.

Continual Learning & Finetuning

Your model is continually enhanced and adapted to new data and requirements.

Digital checks for your AI future!

Begin our online checks now and navigate the AI future with clarity and confidence!

AI Support in Ongoing Operations

Our support doesn't end with development

You’ve invested in a powerful machine learning model, and we understand that the work doesn’t end there. At Leftshift One, we won’t leave you hanging after your model is developed.

Our commitment extends far beyond mere development. We guarantee you continuous maintenance and support to ensure that your AI models always perform optimally and meet your requirements.

Because your satisfaction and the smooth operation of your models are our top priorities. With us by your side, you can trust that your AI will always do what it’s supposed to.

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