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Stay competitive, stay innovative with AI-as-a-Service

The day has only 24 hours? Artificial intelligence can help you automate your business and production processes and make them more efficient. So that you can now integrate and put AI into use more quickly and easily, we offer AI-as-a-Service. We take care of the AI so that you have time for your business. 

What AI-as-a-Service can do for you
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Basic ML-Models

Ready for easy integration into your running systems for immediate use.

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Smooth Operator

We guarantee a smooth operation that supports and drives your business at all times.

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Operational expenses

We take care that our models continuously learn and grow together with you.

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Explainable AI

No black box: You have full control through traceable & transparent models.

AI Enablement

Preconfigured base AI models allow us to realize your AI projects faster & more appropriately

Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AI-as-a-Service) enables companies to fully benefit from the advantages of AI:

  • Automate & optimize business and production processes to increase quality and save costs
  • Gain insights from data analytics, identify patterns and make predictions
  • Implement AI projects faster and in a customized way for long-term & sustainable success

Boost your performance

ML models as a service to give your business wings


Natural Language Processing

This model speaks your language! Whether you want to translate a text, classify it by mood or categorize it, NLP's various AI services support you. Typical applications are, for example, the analysis of tickets in service management or quality analysis in production.

Der Einsatz von Künstlicher Intelligenz in der Pharmaproduktion

Computer Vision

Visual Processing

Are you dealing with large volumes of images? By hand is outdated. Our models can professionally classify images, recognize and mark objects in them, and make general predictions based on one or more images. Typical use cases can be found, for example, in industrial manufacturing for automated quality inspection using a camera.

In die KI-Welt eintauchen.


Predictions based on tabular data

These models can handle structured data. You want to classify customers in your customer database or determine the probability of a product failure based on sensor data? Tabular Services can support you in this! Typical application areas are, for example, business intelligence or industrial manufacturing.


Audio Processing

AI on demand: Our models are trained to automatically classify and categorize sound recordings, similar to what is already known from digital assistants. A typical application for this is at the end of the production process in the automotive sector, for example, where engine sounds are consulted for quality testing.

AI-as-a-Service schnell & einfach nutzen

Head in the clouds? With the AI Starter Kit, AI dreams become reality

Most AI projects fail before they even reach project status. Common reasons: too complicated, too unprepared, just plain overwhelming.
That’s why we developed the AI Starter Kit: An in-depth analysis of your company’s challenges, your business processes and your data enables us to identify realistic use cases and walk with you every step of the way.
This is how we ensure you to achieve your AI goals faster and better and also always add value to your company in the long term.

360° Company AI Check

We put your company through its paces to determine the AI potential at all levels. Together, we identify the appropriate AI use cases and application areas with guaranteed ROI.

Are you ready for the next level? Let's find out!

Use Case Workshop


In an intensive exchange, you define goals together with our AI experts and sharpen the appropriate AI application. In this way, we transform ideas into projects that are actually put to use.

Your Use Case ready in 180 minutes! Challenge Us!

Data Audit


Once the use case is identified, the next step is to analyze your data. Together, we will find out whether the data quantity, quality and corresponding features are available to start with ML (machine learning).

Data is your key to success!
Have your data checked now.

Individual project - reach a MVP in only 30 days

This could be your agile AI project...

In 30 Tagen zum MVP
we have an eye on your expenses

No risk of getting cold feet - our AI is energy efficient!

Rightsizing in the cloud

To make the cloud infrastructure as efficient as possible, we always use cloud computing resources measured against acute demand. With this automated approach, we avoid unused resources and save immense costs.

AI Model Cost Optimization

Our models are designed to be extra lightweight so that they operate efficiently and save resources. This is how we guarantee high performance at a low cost factor.

Transparente Pricing Model

Our AI services are dynamically scalable and adapt to your needs. With guaranteed cost transparency and simple billing, you have an overview of your reseller revenue at all times.

In die KI-Welt eintauchen.
AI Infrastructure

Data sovereignty: Maintain control

We match your unique needs with the right infrastructure for independent machine learning models and a successful AI application:

  • Need easy and fast scalability? Use our AI in the cloud!
  • Scalability in your own data center? Private cloud is the solution for you!
  • Absolute data sovereignty and security? We integrate with you OnPremises

Explainable AI

Our trustworthy and explainable models are continuously learning

Explainable AI techniques enable a visionary approach

The most important thing for positive interaction between humans and machines is that the AI’s decisions are explainable and comprehensible. This way, we can ensure that we derive ethically justifiable, reproducible actions from them. 

  • Continuous learning of our models allows us to constantly improve our AI and grow with it.
  • Authenticity means using artificial intelligence only where it adds real value.
  • We need to use AI where it makes sense, is energy efficient as well as cost effective to solve problems in a sustainable way.
Mensch und künstliche Intelligenz im Einklang
Launching into the future with ai-as-a-service

Stay competitive, stay innovative with Leftshift One

Expand your product portfolio with artificial intelligence and create added value to your business output. Profit from a non-binding personal consultation with our AI experts.

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